About me

Throughout the past 10+ years I worked on very diverse defence innovations, helping companies to bring their innovative solutions to the traditionally conservative defence establishment.

Years back, when I was still a student, I sparked the idea of utilizing the novel acoustic particle velocity sensing technology on the battlefield. We developed experimental solutions for land, air and sea and outfitted the globally first UAS for the Indian ADE, part of DRDO with a Low-SWaP acoustic payload to localize small arms fire on the ground throughout flight... an award winning game changer.

Innovative, unexplored technological capabilities and solutions excite me and I love puzzling the needed bits and pieces together to the bigger picture, what's needed to succeed...

My latest project was a complete turnaround of a 30 FTE company driven by the conceptualization and development of a uniquely modular Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System with innovative IR/EO fusion gimbal with advanced radiometric detection features with the founder of the company and a great team of international engineers. As part of the journey, we certified the company to EN 9100, and acquired and integrated a supplier to secure key capabilities to the project and sold the company to a Norwegian stock listed company. I took the role as CEO and we scored the new owners the promised deal and won the MIKADO II tender to supply 145 Systems to the German Armed Forces.

Late 2022, I decided to found my own company - BB-DEFENCE GmbH - to scout futuristic defence innovations and to help young companies which need advice and a helping hand to get their technology fielded.